Calvary Creation Minute

with Steve Cheung

Calvary Creation Minute is an engaging, easy to digest podcast with Steve Cheung, featuring recent scientific discoveries that prove the trustworthiness of the Bible.

About Steve Cheung

Steve Cheung was a professional geologist for 12 years and conducted active research in the Bible and science. He is a regular guest speaker on Stay in the Word with Pastor Glen Nudd, a popular online and radio ministry and engages in speaking events nationally and internationally to share the truth of science and God’s Word.


This one-minute podcast highlights recent scientific discoveries that prove the trustworthiness of the Bible. Increasing amounts of evidence have disrupted many previously held scientific truths, yet the Bible has remained unscathed. The biblical narrative has consistently proved to be the most accurate description of how the world came into being.

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Scientific facts that correspond with biblical truth come to life in this dynamic medium that is easy to digest and share with others. Subscribe now to this YouTube short series and be inspired and equipped by Steve’s practical, creative insights.

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Diving Bell Spider 01:49 Jun 13, 2024
Mt. Ebal Curse Tablet 01:54 May 31, 2024
Golden Ratio 01:59 May 24, 2024

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Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are one of God’s many amazingly designed creatures1. If you’ve ever seen these beautiful animals, you’ll have seen that...
Bacterial Flagellum One of the fastest races you can watch is a top fuel dragster race, typically lasting under 4 seconds. These...
Trilobite Eyes Have you ever heard of the Baghdad battery? It is an archaeological find that consists of a ceramic pot, copper...

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